New REC.VC release with support for YouTube and Facebook live streaming

OSLO, NORWAY – January 10, 2019: Media Network Services (MNS), a leading provider of video collaboration network and services, today announced that REC.VC now supports live streaming to Facebook (including Workplace) YouTube, Periscope, and any other third-party RTMP destination.

“We are very excited to enable organizations to securely, easily and cost effectively live stream from their existing videoconferencing and collaboration platforms to social media such as Facebook and YouTube, as well as any RTMP destination,” says Kjell Oksendal, Chief Commercial Officer with MNS.

“Customers can with the new version of REC.VC for instance live stream customer webinars on YouTube using their high quality Cisco or Polycom videoconferencing endpoints as source.

The service can be consumed with the REC.VC web interface (reseller white label or REC.VC branded). In addition, service providers and vendors of Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM) solutions may leverage the REC.VC APIs as a SIP/H.323-to-RTMP cloud connector to add videoconferencing to their list of supported capture source.

The new feature for live streaming to RTMP destinations is included in the REC.VC Live Streaming add-on subscription. Please contact your REC.VC reseller or for any additional information.

New to REC.VC? Please visit to sign up for a 14 day free trial of the new REC.VC version.

About REC.VC
The REC.VC cloud service is available via data centers in Ashburn (VA, USA), Frankfurt (Germany), and Oslo (Norway). In each location, REC.VC uses one data center for production and a separate data center for backup and redundancy mirroring the production site. REC.VC customers can with the dual data center configuration rest assure that their recordings are always processed and stored in the location and jurisdiction of their choosing.

About MNS
Media Network Services (MNS) provides worldwide services that enhance and extend organizations’ existing video collaboration platform and equipment. Services include QoS.VC for best any-to-any video calling quality, REC.VC for recording & streaming of video meetings, and Selfie.VC, the video endpoint self-test service. MNS is ISO 27001 certified and is compliant with many geographic and sectoral regulations such as HIPAA, HITECH, PIPEDA, and GDPR.

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