MNS launches groundbreaking Fireplace Cloud Service for any collaboration space

OSLO, NORWAY - APRIL 1st, 2018: Media Network Services (MNS), known for its ability to turn hot potato into cold potato routing for videos calls (QoS.VC), and for empowering people to never miss a video meeting (REC.VC), today announced its latest contribution to the collaboration industry:

The Fireplace

The new Fireplace Cloud Service powered by IVR.VC enables any organization to convert their video conference endpoints (SIP/H323/SfB) into a fireplace by calling The clean tech fireplace cloud service can also transform virtual meeting rooms into a cozy ski lodge experience for more informal virtual meetings. Users may at any point choose other activities simply by clicking # on the DTMF pad.

cScreenshot of the Fireplace Cloud Service. Call for the real deal.

John McFire, creator of the Fireplace Cloud Service, shares his vision for his new baby:

“As a remote worker in the northern part of Norway, way north of the arctic circle, every morning during the winter I chop wood and fire up the fireplace next to my office. It is an incredible experience combining back to nature, indepence and coziness, that I want to share with the world through our new Fireplace Cloud Service”.

Will Foo Lu, Trend Forecaster with the Trend Institute, comments on the new service:

“The workplace has seen an incredible transformation over the last few decades and especially in the last couple of years. People work from home, in cafes, in shared offices, when in transit, in huddle rooms, in autonomous vehicles, at their desks and in boardrooms. All collaborating with colleagues, partners and customers on video. While all this drives incredible efficiencies and cost savings, recent research shows that something is lacking. MNS has with the new Fireplace Cloud Service and it's back to nature approach innovated a seventh element bringing warmness and coziness back to the collaboration space.”


Law firm Johnson, Jones & Jackson (aka Triple-J) have used the Fireplace Cloud Service for the last 12 months as part of MNS’ Early Adopter Program. Rick O. Ivery (aka. Mr ROI) with Triple-J comments their early adoption as follow:

“Three years ago we upgraded our 500+ meeting rooms with Cisco collaboration endpoints and we measured an incredible ROI already in year one. Two years ago we doubled the initial ROI by leveraging MNS’ REC.VC cloud service turning all meeting rooms into optional recording & streaming studios. Last year we doubled the initial ROI again by turning all meeting room endpoints into an optional fireplace, bringing staff within offices and across offices together in a very informal and cozy setting. We strongly believe the Fireplace Cloud Service has become an integral positive part of our corporate culture”.

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